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Size recommendations

Our bras traditionally size small: the cups are shallow and the bands run small.
Our panties are low rise and size small as well.
Take a moment to measure your bust, underbust and hip, and get the perfect size for you!

What is my TIMPA LINGERIE bra size?

Step 1 : Measure your underbust firmly with a tape measurer, around your ribcage and just beneath your bust line,  keeping the tape measure level.
Step 2 : On a non padded bra, measure the fullest part of your bust keeping the tape measure level. If this measurement falls on the 1/2 inch, round up. 
Subtract the bust measurement from your Timpa Lingerie band size. 
Example: If your bust measures 34" and your TIMPA LINGERIE band size is 36", there is 2" difference so your cup size is B.

If you are in between size, choose the smaller size for a deep cleavage, or the bigger size for more coverage.

What is my TIMPA LINGERIE panty size?

Take your measurement 3" below the navel.

What is my TIMPA LINGERIE dress size?

What is my US band size?

The bra I purchased does not quite fit...

Let's see which size would fit better!

My usual bra size is out of stock...

Let's see which sister size could work!

Sister sizes are alternative bra sizes to your current bra size, where the cup volume stays the same, even though the band number and cup letter change. 

The sister cup size chart shows the sizes with the same cup volume on the same row.

  1. Locate your usual bra size on the chart.
  2. The size on the left of your usual bra size is your sister size with a smaller band and bigger cup.
  3. The size on the right of your usual bra size is your sister size with a bigger band and smaller cup.

How should my bra fit?