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The comprehensive guide to the Alice demi bra

The Alice Demi Bra, formerly known as the Duet Lace demi bra, has been a beloved favorite by Timpa Lingerie for over 20 years - and it's no surprise why! This bra is truly one-of-a-kind, designed with small busts in mind and crafted with extraordinary lace that's simply unmatched. It's no wonder others have tried to copy it, but none have come close to its magic.

Let's explore why the Alice Demi Bra is so special:

A Flattering Shape for Small Busts: If you're looking for a cute bra that naturally enhances your smaller bust, look no further! The Alice Demi Bra is your perfect match. But if you prefer heavy padding and tripling your bust size, this might not be the one for you. It features a soft underwire and just the right amount of stretch in the lace, providing the lift you need to enhance your silhouette and décolleté beautifully.

The Wonderful Side of Lace: Say goodbye to any preconceived notions about lacy bras! Our lace is super soft, ensuring no itching at all. Plus, it lies flat, avoiding any weird bumps under tight clothing. It's also delightfully lightweight, making it your go-to choice even in hot summers. And how can you resist the charming contrast between the netty main pattern and the adorable floral edging?

Unbeatable Practicality: The Timpa Lingerie Alice Demi Bra stands out as one of the very few lacy bras without any awkward or uncomfortable seams on the cup. Your nipples will thank us for it! The floral lace finishing on the cup's top ensures the bra stays perfectly flat against your skin, with no rolling or gaping. Additionally, we've made the straps easily adjustable from the front, so you can tighten or loosen them effortlessly while wearing the bra.

Sexy and Comfortable: Our customers adore the Alice Demi Bra for its versatility. Many consider it their go-to everyday bra, thanks to its incredibly soft and comfortable lace and the availability of various colors that match any outfit. Others reserve it as their secret weapon for a sexy night out, with its super sexy low-cut cups. And some love it so much that they use it for both occasions, choosing different colors and cup coverages to suit their style!

Discover the magic of the Alice Demi Bra by Timpa Lingerie and experience the perfect blend of style, comfort, and support tailored just for you!